What is domain name and what kind of domains

What is domain name ?


Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name Upwork.com represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages.

Domain names function on the Internet in a type similar to a physical address in the physical world. Every part of the domain name provides special information. These part of information enable web browsers to locate the web page. The naming system is closely regulated in order to prevent confusion or duplicate addresses. As demand increased exponentially, a new Internet Protocol version, or IPv6, was created to extend the amount of domain names available.

Domains Work

Domain work easy to find website if you remember a website IP address because they provide computer users with a short name that is easy to remember.
Users enter web addresses into the URL field at the top of their browser's page from left to right. The domain name itself is read from right to left according to the naming hierarchy discussed below. This link provides directions to the network, which ultimately results in a successful page load at the client end of the transaction.

The common fictitious domain name, www.upwork.com, is comprised of three essential parts:

.com - This is the top level domain.

.upwork. - This is a sub-domain.

www. - This is a sub-domain prefix for the World Wide Web.This prefix used in all website.
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Many servers use a three-letter naming convention for top-level domains, and they are separated from sub-domains by a dot. The significance of the top-level domain is the most important for new users to grasp.

The most common categories are easily recognized by new computer users, and they include:
  •    (.COM)
  •    (.CO)                      
  •    (.NET)                   
  •    (.ORG)    
  •    (.CLUB)              
  •    (.ME)                     
  •    (.CC)

Domain Registration fee            

Beginning a new web presence does not always begin with the prefect domain name, but somewhere in the process of determining your market base, you will have to decide on a valid name. The steps to completing a domain registration are incredibly simple, however many web developers or operators get stuck at the point of determining a good name.This is very important.

.COM                           $12.90

.CO                               $29.90

.NET                             $15.50

.ORG                            $16.30

.CLUB                           $24.90

.ME                              $24.90

.CC                               $19.90

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