How to make a free website without any investent

How to make a free website without any investment

Today peoples like to get free things.So that in this post i unclasp a consultation to people about how to make your website free without any investment.There are many web builder platform, who some free and some premium.But today we are discussion on weebly web builder platform.Because it is very easy and simple for small business and i think everyone do this.If you are new user in internet works you want to make website but you have no knowledge about this, then you select weebly because weebly guide you making website step by step.

Statistic of weebly

In under of weebly platform you can customize you website easily. No long process in html and css. Weebly providing you free themes looking like professional. Weebly also providing you very simple option to customize you website.You can create free website on weebly and also purchase premium themes or packages.

Process of making website step by step

First type "" in you browser URL box. Then weebly website will open.
If you have already weebly account then click on ( Log in ) if you are new user in weebly then click on ( Try it free ). This post is for new user so click on ( Try it free ).

When you click on ( Try it free ) button a sign up form appear on desktop. Fill this form properly and click on ( sign up ) button.Now this time you are sign in with weebly.

Next option is choose a theme for you website. Theme mean your website looking style or design. It is very necessary so that select who theme did you like.

After selecting theme a new table appear on desktop. in this table you have three option about choose your website domain.

  •   Use a sub domain of
  •   Register New domain
  •   Use a Domain you already own

We are making free website so that we select sub-domain of
In the sub domain box type your website address did you want to make and click continue.

On the next table you have two option. if you want to plan your site then click on 'Plan button' or you want to start builting your site then click on 'Built my site' , After this your website dashboard will opens.

Here you can customize your website and add you content for example your company logo,images,text,pages and your own data.

When you add your content and website will ready then click on publish button.On the next table if you want to choose your website categorize then click on Continue or not want then click on Skip button.

Last step is

Verify your weebly account

Click to continue button.

In new window weebly account verification open. Select you country add your phone number and click on submit. Weebly send verification code on your mobile phone via sms.

Enter your verification code in the box and click Submit.
Now your website will OK. Any time you log in to your weebly account and customize your website.

I hope you can do it.

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