How to make a free blog on blogger

How to make a free blog on blogger

Make free blog

Blogger is a free service from can make your blog free and also make your website if you have a domain.Blogger provide you his own sub domain 
for example    

If you register your own domain name then your blog is considered a website not blogger blog because blogger free domain considered a blog.

For new domain registeration

There are many free template available on different website. you can search for free blogger template google show you many free template providing website.

Search for free blogger template on google custom search box on the top up of my website.
In blogger service no need to purchase any thing because you can find every thing free.

How to make a blog on blogger step by step

First type on you browser URL box and click go. Sign in with your google account i mean your Gmail account. If you don't have any Google (Gmail) account, you can create new one for free.

For new Google account

When you sign in blogger then first thing you need to do is add your blog title and select your blogger address it is very important because without this you cannot create your blog. you can change your blogger title and address and template anytime. if you have new template and you want to apply your template then you can do it easily.

After all this click on  'Create blog!'

You are now on the blogger dashboard, but you are not done yet! There are a few settings that you need to set on your new blog to make it easy to use.

First edit your blogger profile you can change your setting which you want.

There are 10 option on blogger dashboard.
  •   Overview
  •   Posts
  •   Pages
  •   Comments
  •   Stats
  •   Earnings
  •   Compaigns
  •   Layout
  •   Template
  •   Settings

1.  Overview

In the overview section the result of daily pageviews with graf and number of published comment, number of posts, number of followers and other option about blogger guide.

2.  Posts

In the post section you can add new post to click on 'New post' button.

On the post, write your post title and upload image about your post and write your post content. You can easily customize you post. You can change you text colour and your text font, text size and also you can bold your text. you can align your paragraf.

Other thing in the post you add website links, insert image and insert a videos. you can customize your post with Html if you want to do it then click on left side HTML button.Labels your post and click on publish button.

Now your post is ready for user and this post will appear in the posts section. All post show in the Posts section with list and you can update any post anytime.

3.  Pages

In the pages section you can add your pages which you need for example you 'Home page', 'Contact us' page 'About us' page and some other and link these pages with template menu bar button.


In the comments section you can manage your comment. when any person comment on your post who comment will show you in this section. if you like to show this comment to other user then publish comment if the comment is negative about your content then you can spam it.

5.  Stats

In the stats section you can see your blog progress with complete detail. Here you can see you traffic sources and audience.

6.  Earnings

In the earning section you can apply for google adsense account for earn money. Google AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website. If your blog is complies with google adsense policies you can involvement to adsense program.

7.  Compaigns

This section is about grow your audience with Google adword but it is not necceary for new user so leave this section.

8.  Layout

Layout is the Structure of you blog. In the layout section you can add your logo also you can add Email subscription widget, adsense ad code widget, Facebook like fan page widget etc.

9.  Template

In the template section you can live customize your template change you website colour, text colour and some other thing.

Also you can edit your blog with HTML coding, here you can change menu bar button name and links your pages with these button.

Here you can change your template. First remove old tempate coding and paste you new template coding. Now your template will changed.

10.  Settings

The last section is blogger basic settings, post, comment and sharing setting, email setting, language and formatting setting and search preferences settings etc.

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